Law5 Qualities of a Good Corporate Lawyer

February 3, 2021

In a conversation with the corporate lawyers at Ramdays, we found these 5 qualities. Ramdays stands as one of the top corporate law firms in Pakistan.  However, it would not have been possible without the best corporate lawyers that we have. Top corporate law firms always have the best corporate lawyers. But what qualities make these lawyers the best?

Here are 5 of these qualities:

  • Having a Firm Grip Over the Technical ‘Stuff’

Businesses hire corporate lawyers because they know the ins and outs of tricky cases. They know how to cleverly draft an employee or a partnership contract. They know what sort of hierarchies a company should follow. They even know how to deal with complex legal situations that corporations face. That’s why, it is important that a corporate lawyer has this quality.

If you want to hire a corporate lawyer for your company, make sure he has this quality.

How can you make sure that your corporate lawyer has technical knowledge?

During the interview, present the lawyer with a situation. Ask him to assess it and present a legal solution. You can either make a situation up or use a situation you are currently facing. You should see how quick the candidate comes up with a situation.

Remember that you need to give the candidate some time. You can give him ten to fifteen minutes to think.

If you want, you can draft a list of questions and ask the candidate about different company laws. This can help you understand whether the person has a good grip of these laws or not. After all, in the long run, his knowledge will help you effectively deal with legal situations.

  • Having the Dedication to Put in the Extra Work

It is highly important for a corporate law firm to put in hard work. Achieving beneficial contractual deals for a company is not easy. However, a good corporate lawyer can do that.

Corporate lawyers do seem to have a pretty ‘fun’ life. But they really don’t. They have to stay up nights and use their weekends. Sometimes one corporate lawyer has dozens of clients. And these clients have dozens of problems at one time. This can make it harder for a lawyer to fix everything up in an eight-hour window. They have to put in extra work.

Putting in extra work means working past 9pm. Our corporate lawyers at Ramdays are often seen doing this. Why? Because value for our customers generates through this extra mile that our lawyers are willing to walk.

Our expert corporate lawyers believe that becoming a good corporate lawyer is hard. But it is harder for those that don’t understand the meaning of hard work. So, if you want to make your law firm one of the top corporate law firms, then hardwork is the key. Ramdays stands at the top because our lawyers have this key element in them.

  • Having the Eagerness to Evolve

Law never stays the same. In Pakistan, laws are amended from time to time. To keep up with the modern businesses, the Companies Act of 2017 was introduced. This is how laws in the corporate world always keep on updating.

That’s why, if you are a corporate lawyer, you need to have the flexibility to evolve. This is how you learn more.

One key element is to keep yourself updated. All top corporate law firms in Pakistan have a good command over the laws. It actually relates to the first point. Having a good grip over technical knowledge relates to your eagerness to evolve. Because if you cannot stay updated about new changes, that means your technical knowledge has loopholes.

  • Having a Firm Focus on the Details

It is significant that you pay attention to even the smallest details. All top corporate law firms in Pakistan focus on this aspect the most. Why? Because if you miss details, you won’t be able to deliver the best quality. This is why you need to pay attention to every little aspect.

From deciding the terms and conditions of a contract to speaking on behalf of your client, everything counts.

That’s why, listening is another relevant quality here. A good corporate lawyer must listen to the details that his client has to provide. This can save you a lot of fuss and confusion.

Making notes while you listen to your client is something that you can try.

  • Having Knowledge of the Corporate World

This is an important quality. Having technical knowledge about the law does not mean that you should give up on the corporate world.

Remember that it is not the job of your clients to provide you with that. You should have knowledge on the corporate world. As much as you can.

For this, you can follow certain legal news sites. This way, you can stay updated on what legal issues the corporate world is facing. That might help you learn more.

Learning more is about keeping ahead of your competitors. That’s a key quality that we focus on, at Ramdays. Not just us, but every top corporate law firm has lawyers with this quality.

To know whether your corporate lawyer has this quality, you can ask certain questions about the latest corporate world news. You can have the candidate offer their opinion about any piece of news. If the candidate does not know, it is possible that he only focuses on law.

To know whether your corporate lawyer has this quality, there is a way. You can ask them about the latest corporate world news. You can have the candidate offer an opinion about any piece of news. If the candidate does not know, it is possible that he only focuses on law.

Ramdays is one of the top corporate law firms in Pakistan. All our corporate lawyers have all five of these qualities. When we interviewed our team for this informational piece, they all talked about these 5 qualities.

As an aspiring corporate lawyer, you should work on developing these qualities. Remember that practice can help you own these qualities one day.