RAMDAYS has been regularly entrusted by its clients from the disciplines of banking as well as leasing to structure lending transactions that have been of large amounts in local currency as well as in foreign denominations. We have so far conducted several hundred such conventional & non-conventional transactions facilitating creation and securitisation of debt. The same have been either single window or through participation agreements.

We have also been the pioneers in structuring and creating mortgage documentation and policies for some banks besides being the only law-firm so far in the north of the country that has crafted tailor-made solutions for various lenders in facilitation of large-scale housing scheme projects like DHA – Islamabad, Lake City Housing Project, Bahria Town Lahore, Faazaia Housing Schemes – Islamabad & Lahore, Kohinoor City and Etihad Town.

We regularly help our clientele in assisting, negotiations, drafting and execution of commercial & non-commercial contracts. We assist real estate acquirers and owners for drafting documents, title management, third party sales and regulatory structures. We have had the privilege of assisting clients in the power, telecommunications and also oil & gas exploration sectors with their joint venture agreements, contract negotiations, securitisation of investments & obligations, execution of investments & commercial arrangements. We help our local and multinational corporates with acquisitions, mergers, demergers, public listings, share or asset purchase agreements, shareholders rights with remedies, opinions on regulatory structures and court approvals. Mr. Mustafa Ramday has worked for the World Bank on assignments of legislative drafting & consulting. He has also advised the Government of Punjab on various issues of provincial, national and international importance. He drafted many statutes for the provincial legislature while officiating as the Advocate General. Mr. Ramday has had pleasure of rendering several dozen opinions to the then proactive provincial government. Mr. Khalil Ramday, in his thirteen years of rendering services to the province of Punjab was recognised by the courts and the government as the most stellar law officer while rendering legal advice on legislative matters and also drafting opinions for the governmental ministries. Our partner Mr. Yawar Ali Khan has advised and assisted provincial and federal governments on non contentious matters covering wide spectrum while serving as the law officer in the office of the Advocate General for Punjab and, thereafter, as the Deputy Attorney General for Pakistan.

The other area where we happen to be, perhaps the only law firm, is in conducting legal and quasi-financial audits for banking companies and other corporates. We have been retained by incoming shareholders/owners and management to review past transactions and practices of the previously conducted terms of trade. We have also been retained by interested stakeholders in conducting due diligence for taking over financial and non-financial organisations from within and outside Pakistan. The success of joint venture agreements, shareholders agreements and formation of companies for national and international businesses conducted by us vouchsafes for our client commitment and experience.

Financial Transactions

RAMDAYS specialises in complex financial transactions. Our clients include banks and other financial institutions as well as their customers. Some of the financial transactions undertaken by RAMDAYS are as follows:

  • Finance and security documentation prepared for grant of letter of credit facility amounting to USD 7,500,000 to a telecommunication company on behalf of a leading local financial institution.
  • Finance and security documentation prepared for grant of a foreign exchange rate risk (FERRY) guarantee facility amounting to PKR 1,406,223,000 to a leading fertilizer manufacturing company on behalf of a leading local financial institution.
  • Finance and security documentation prepared for grant of a running finance facility amounting to PKR 644,000,000 to one of the country’s leading hotel chains on behalf of a leading local financial institution.
  • Finance and security documentation prepared for grant of a letter of credit finance facility amounting to PKR 270,000,000 to a pharmaceutical company.
  • Finance and security documentation prepared for grant of a demand finance facility amounting to PKR 2,000,000,000/- to one of the largest real estate companies in Pakistan on behalf of a leading local bank.

Land related transactions

RAMDAYS has advised all major financial institutions/banks as well as other private parties with respect to extension of mortgage, finance facilities for the purposes of purchase of property, business, finance etc. The number of transactions drafted is in hundreds.

We have a dedicated and centralized due diligence and support team for a variety of property projects/land related transactions. We provide key areas of advice and services which include:

  • Land registry search;
  • Obtaining title documentation;
  • Reviewing title registers in order to establish ownership;
  • Reviewing and drafting of tenancy agreements and documentation and ensuring subsequent registration;
  • Reviewing title documentation and drafting of sale documentation and ensuring subsequent registration and passing of title;
  • Reviewing and advising upon mortgage documentation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

RAMDAYS has advised as well as rendered professional legal services counsel, with respect to the regulatory, legal, compliance and contractual matters, including but not limited to drafting of pre-transaction opinions, pre and post merger documents, due diligence, negotiations and, thereafter, execution of agreements, undertakings, regulatory affairs, etc. to process and execute various large scale and smaller scale mergers and acquisitions. Furthermore, the legal team at RAMDAYS is also adept at advising and assisting in post-acquisition legal audits.

Assisting Government on framing and drafting legislations

The team at RAMDAYS has considerable experience in successfully advising and assisting governments, public sector authorities, and other stakeholders on a wide range of legislative drafting matters including evaluation of the current laws, programs, policy, progress and documents; Review of laws, regulations, rules etc. within and outside of Pakistan which regulate the issue on which we are required to work on; drafting legislation pertaining to the issue, and to protect the stakeholders keeping in mind the objectives of the Governmental branch involved; Consultation with various stakeholders vis-à-vis the legislation; assistance to the Governmental branch in finalizing the draft legislation; and performance of any other work related to drafting legislation to that the objective sought is achieved, while protecting the rights of all stakeholders as required by the Governmental branch.

Work for Procurement Agencies

RAMDAYS has considerable experience in successfully advising and assisting governments, public sector authorities, private companies and other stakeholders on a wide range of corporate structuring, acquisition, commercial gains and procurements.

The scope of services offered by RAMDAYS for assignments of this nature includes Pre Transaction Discussions, Opinions and Due Diligence; Contract Negotiations and Meetings; Drafting of Agreements, Undertaking, Power of Attorneys, Bonds and Guarantees; Regulatory Petitions and Approvals; and any other ancillary work relating to the transaction.