LawDifferent Types of Law in Pakistan

January 27, 2021

The types of law practiced in a region differ from country to country. Educating yourself on these types can help you. It does not matter whether you are a student or a person seeking some knowledge. Knowing these types can be helpful because you will need to have this information at some point.

  • Corporate Law

If you are a frequent visitor here at Ramdays, you would know that corporate Law is where we shine. Corporate law is also referred to as ‘company law’. It deals with the rights and conduct of internal and external stakeholders in a company. Any legal matter that a company deals with comes under the domain of corporate law.

Let’s suppose that you have to draft a contract for a recently hired employee. A corporate lawyer would draft and fix the term & conditions in the contract.

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  • Insolvency Law

Whether you are a person or an organization, your bankruptcy issues will fall under this law. For example, your company is under debt then the lawyers that specialize in this type of law will guide you.

  • Admiralty and Maritime Shipping Law

This law deals with property disputes and economic transactions related to marine trade. This also involves any land-based transaction that has a maritime nature.

In Pakistan specifically, two types of acts govern the admiralty and maritime law. These are:

  • Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1925
  • Merchant Shipping Ordinance 2001

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  • Human Rights Law

Every citizen of Pakistan has specified rights, established by the state. These include the following rights:

  1. Freedom of speech
  2. Freedom of association
  3. Freedom of assembly
  4. Freedom of movement
  5. Freedom of religion
  6. Freedom of Business/Profession
  7. Prohibited forced labor
  8. Security of a person
  9. Protecting against retrospective punishment
  10. Equality among citizens
  11. Security against self-incrimination
  12. No discrimination when it comes to public places
  13. Protection of the right of minorities

Let’s suppose that you are facing harassment for practicing a certain religion. In this case, you can reach out to our lawyer at Ramdays to seek assistance. For the best corporate law firms in Islamabad or Lahore, you can count on Ramdays!

  • Criminal Law

Under the Pakistani criminal code, any illegal behavior comes under criminal law. District attorneys and Prosecutors sanction any sort of illegal activity. A criminal defense attorney represents the person who is charged with criminal activity. Keeping the rights of the parties involved, the lawyers carry out the cases.

  • Media Law

Media law in Pakistan deals with the regulations governing the freedom of press. Laws mentioned in the following acts and ordinances cover the media law in Pakistan.

  1. Freedom of Information Ordinance 2002
  2. Code of Conduct Rules 2010

Media law deals with any information communicated to the masses through the media. With the advancement of the internet, we now have social media laws as well.

  • Environmental Law

Pakistan has a specified environmental law. Air, water, soil, marine, waste disposal, and noise pollution are dealt under this law. The new Pakistan Environmental Act of 1995 deals with these matters.

Under this act, the environmental laws in Pakistan have been created. You can contact one of the best corporate law firms in Islamabad ‘Ramdays’ to know more about it. We have a team of specialists that have a great command over the environmental law.

  • Family Law

On Ramdays, we have a separate team of lawyers dealing in family law. The restitution of conjugal rights, marriage, and custody of children comes under family law.

Family courts that fall under the high court deal with the family law cases.

  • Public Health Law

The public health law deals with anything concerning the health of the general public. In Pakistan, the public health law is categorized into four types.

These types are:

  1. Preventive Public Health Law
  2. Curative Public Health Law
  3. Rehabilitative Public Health Law
  4. Miscellaneous/Other Public Health Law

From food laws to environmental protection, every law lies under the ‘preventive’ ones. Even the laws regarding natural disasters control fall under this category.

The curative laws deal with breastfeeding, drug laws and blood safety.

The rehabilitative laws relate to mental health and disabled individuals.

The ones that come under miscellaneous social determinants of health. Also, health governance laws

  • Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual Property deals with trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Interestingly, Pakistan is increasingly getting more involved in this type of law. Why? That’s because we are rapidly moving towards a digital world.

  • Immigration Law

The matters that deal with immigration, visas, and foreign exchange fall under immigration law. For example, there are certain requirements for a foreigner to enter Pakistan. There is a specific visa fee and formalities. Also, to obtain a Pakistani passport, there is a separate process.

All of that falls under the immigration law of Pakistan.

  • International Law

This law deals with agreements and treaties that occur among various nations. International law is enforced by a country involved in a treaty or agreement. Let’s suppose Pakistan signs an agreement with another nation. It will have to enforce the law within its own boundaries. That is how international law works.

  • Labor Law

The minimum wage to requirements for insurance are decided under these laws. Every condition set for employment falls under the labor law of Pakistan.

  • Military Law

This law deals with the conduct of the representatives of the Pakistani military. This involves the Pakistani Air Force, Pakistani Navy, Pakistani Army, and Rangers.

All of these laws are dealt with by Ramdays in Pakistan. We are the best corporate law firm in Islamabad, to help you with all the above-mentioned laws.