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Folder lock for laptop windows 10 free

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It provides different choices to protect your data, avoiding your files being deleted by accident, keeping some files read-only, or hiding files in one swoop. More importantly, IObit Protected Folder optimizes its engine to lock your files and data even if your Windows PC is subjected to a virus attack such as the widespread WannaCry.

Folder Lock is regarded as one of the best folder lock software for Windows It assembles a number of imperative features to protect your files from prying eyes and malicious attacks. This Windows 10 folder locker password protects and locks files from unwanted access even if in Windows Safe Mode. It encrypts your personal files using bit on-the-fly military-grade encryption technology, ensuring the security of the data. SecretFolder is free software to password-protect your files and folders with ease.

It offers a basic and easy-to-use interface, guiding you to add a file or a folder to be hidden or locked with a password. Similarly, SecretFolder prohibits uninstalling without the correct password, even the most popular uninstaller failed. However, SecretFolder has its flaw. It doesn’t lock the unlocked folders automatically after you quit the program.

So every time you want to access a locked folder, you have to unlock it and manually lock it again. All of the top 5 folder lock software perform excellently on Windows SecretFolder is the best choice if you want to install a free program.

It can satisfy your basic needs to protect the data. Another 4 apps also provide free versions to experience their features. Combined, iBoysoft File Protector for Windows is the most cost-effective with its special application access and three protection methods. Amanda is one of the main columnists at iBoysoft. She loves exploring new technologies, focusing on macOS, Windows OS, data recovery, data security, disk management, and other tech-related issues.

Mark can, however, do essentially anything else. Any files Mark adds to the encrypted folder are automatically encrypted, but now the permissions are reversed: Since Mark is the logged-in user, he can open the files he adds, but John can’t. Windows 10 doesn’t have a way to put a password on a folder, apart from what we described above.

That method is similar to other password protection techniques in that you need to provide the correct user account password before you can view the encrypted data. There are, however, third-party tools that let you define any password as the folder password, utterly independent of the logged-in user. The methods described below are arguably more private than Windows’ encryption procedure because they can obfuscate the file names and hide even the folder itself. Wise Folder Hider is a good example.

This program is ideal if you’re protective of the data because it can hide the folder behind two passwords. It can also secure entire flash drives and encrypt individual files. Open the program and define an initial password. This is what will be entered each time you want to open Wise Folder Hider.

From the Hide File tab, select Hide folder , and choose the folder you want to protect behind a password or drag the folder into the program window.

Any folder but system folders are allowed. After choosing it, the folder will immediately disappear from its original location. To view the folder again, select the menu button to the right and select Open. It will open in File Explorer again; select Close to hide it again or Unhide to permanently restore it. Optionally, for greater security, you can force another password to be entered before opening that specific folder. To do that, press the down arrow to the right of the folder path, and select Set Password.

Instead of hiding the original folder, it creates a copy and then encrypts the copy. Enter a password in the text fields in the Encryption section. Optionally define other settings, such as these:. Select OK. The original folder isn’t deleted or changed in any way, so if you take this route, be sure to delete or move the original files after making the password-protected version. Other apps are available if you prefer to put your secret files on a virtual hard drive with a custom password.

A “locked folder” can also mean a folder with files currently in use, but that’s not the same idea as a folder you’d lock intentionally for privacy reasons. While you can prevent hidden files from displaying by adjusting the File Explorer view, other users can easily show hidden items by changing this setting. A third-party tool to add password protection locks and hides folders more effectively. When you visit this site, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies.

Cookies collect information about your preferences and your device and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. This download may not be available in some countries. Developer’s Description By NewSoftwares.

Folder Lock lets you password-protect your personal files, photos, videos, documents, contacts, wallet cards, notes and audio recordings in Windows Phone. You can import your personal photos and videos from the SD card, gallery or from the internet browser. You can view and edit your photos or watch the secured videos from within the secure interface of the app, which ensures that your security is not compromised for a fraction of a second.

You can view or edit your password protected documents from within the application without risking your privacy. The app allows you to secure contacts, wallet cards, notes, audios and every other kind of data that you need to safeguard. In a nutshell, Folder Lock is a comprehensive data security solution for your Windows Phone.

Here are the features that make Folder Lock a reliable data security app. Apply “blur” effect on photos. Hide sensitive videos and pictures Note: Windows Phone 8. Password-protect secret audios.

Lock down important documents. Write secure notes. Secret voice recorder. Import Saved Contacts. Create Contact Groups. Credit Cards. Bank Accounts. Business Cards. Business Info. Health and Hygiene. General Purpose Cards Secure Browser leaves no traces and privacy enabled. Download files from Secure Browser Import files from. SD Cards. Secure Browser View, Run and Play. Media Player for Videos.


32 Best Free Folder Lock Software For Windows 10 – TechCult – iBoysoft File Protector for Windows

EXE Locker You can have your personal data password-protected, which is impossible without this tool as Windows or any other operating system has no built-in feature to lock your data.


– 20 BEST File & Folder Locker Software for Windows 10 PC


There can be times when you require an extra level of privacy in regards to any data contained within offline folders. One example may be if you are sharing Folder Lock is an excellent, comprehensive folder locking program. If you have folders and files that you’d like to keep private, you should check out Folder Personal data theft is a very real concern in these modern times.

Free Folder Lock is an effective software program which will help to safeguard important SecretFolder is a simple way to achieve something that many of us wish our operating systems did more easily; create a private or hidden folder.

You can hide It is only reasonable that users wish to protect their personal details from prying eyes. Free Folder Password Lock is a basic encryption tool which offers Most of us have a certain number of personal files within a personal computer or a mobile device. There is always the concern that this data may be accessed With this application, you can put a password on any files and folders on your external hard drive, so that nobody can access them without the right Folder Lock Pro is a trial version software for Windows, that belongs to the category ‘Access Control’.

The software provides access control and encryption service for Folder Password Lock Pro Download for Windows. Software for Enhanced Folder Protection and Privacy There can be times when you require an extra level of privacy in regards to any data contained within offline folders.

Windows access control computer software external hard drives external hard drives for windows 7 folder lock. Folder Lock 7. Folder Lock Folder Lock is an excellent, comprehensive folder locking program. Windows access control app lock app lock for iphone back up back up for windows.

Free Folder Lock 1. Free Download for Windows. Free Software to Protect Files from Unauthorized Users Personal data theft is a very real concern in these modern times. Windows encrypted files folder lock folder lock for windows folder lock for windows 7. SecretFolder 5. SecretFolder SecretFolder is a simple way to achieve something that many of us wish our operating systems did more easily; create a private or hidden folder.

Windows access control folder lock folder lock for windows folder lock for windows 7. Free Folder Password Lock 5. Free Data Encryption Software for Personal Computers It is only reasonable that users wish to protect their personal details from prying eyes. Windows encryption encryption for windows encryption for windows free encryption free encryption software for windows Free Application to Protect Media Files with an Encrypted Password Most of us have a certain number of personal files within a personal computer or a mobile device.

Windows encrypted files folder lock folder lock for windows rar file. A free program for Windows, by Amazing-Share. Windows access control drive lock external drive folder lock for windows. Folder Lock Pro A trial version app for Windows, by ThunderSoft. Windows access control app lock folder lock folder lock for windows. Free Folder Password Lock 2. Windows encryption encryption for windows encryption for windows free encryption free folder encryption.

Windows folder lock for windows folder lock for windows 7 folder password folder password for windows 7.


6 Free and Best Folder Locker Software For Windows 10 | – BEST File Locker Software for PC (Free/Paid)


Security frew privacy of computer systems along with the data stored in it is imperative. Carrying a casual attitude towards it can put you in unwanted situations and expose your private data.

Security experts advocate the use of a powerful Folder Lock Software that can password protect your files windoww keep your data protected from unauthorized access. Be it a personal PC or an office system, with an efficient file locker tool, you can folder lock for laptop windows 10 free your kids and other people from accessing your data. Apart from this File Lock Softwares also reduces the chances of personal identity theft and virus attacks.

Ensuring privacy in this technological era is very difficult. Best folder lock software is what will protect your data from going into the wrong hands. The first on our list is the IObit Protected Folder too.

IObit is one of the most renowned and trusted file Encryption Softwareindeed. Нажмите сюда your files, pictures, sensitive videos, and folders secure by adding a password to them. Folder Lock is hands down one of the best file lock software for Windows 10Mac, and Ffolder devices. It offers a smart way to digitally protect your data from getting leaked and accessed by an unwanted person. Do you want to safeguard your sensitive videos, private pictures, and lockdown confidential documents?

If yes, then Gilisoft File Lock Pro is the best choice for you. Another folder lock for laptop windows 10 free popular and best folder lock software for Windows 10 is Instant locker. Ever wondered if the software which can protect your important files can also create some disk space посетить страницу your Windows PC? Well, with Secret disk, you can get both the works done.

Next on our list of best folder lock software for PC is Folder Guard. It comes in both a free and premium paid version. Lock and safeguard your files and folders by setting a folder lock for laptop windows 10 free. Folder Locker Pro is a hacker-proof folder lock software for Windows 10 that folfer can pick. Apart from this, it is exceptionally easy to use this best folder lock software. Pick it today to safeguard your confidential data.

With this incredible File lock softwareyou can lock as many files wineows folders as you wish. Its loco mechanism is relatively simple, with few steps to follow.

Another Folder locker software with which you can adobe 10.1 4 windows to safeguard your sensitive files and data is Lock-A-File. Do you have multiple folders to protect? If you are looking for a free file protector application that can hide your sensitive data, lockdown confidential files, and protect private pictures. Quick File Locker is the most suitable file lock software for mamp pro 4 free. This lightweight tool folder lock for laptop windows 10 free with a highly effective protection functionality.

Once the files are locked, no unwanted person will be able to read, access, delete, modify, or copy files. Last on our list of folder lock software for Windows PC is the Protect folder. As the name suggests, its primary function is to lock and protect your stuff from unwanted access.

Hide your private pictures, audios, documents with the tight security of Wise Folder Hider. It is software for folder lock for laptop windows 10 free pictures, confidential documents, and audio on the computer system. The software offers next level password protection for any particular folder, drive, or file.

Wise Folder Hider available in two variants i. You can opt for which fits the bill. Apart foledr this, Wise Folder Hider offers full money-back support to its users but only within 60 days of the purchase period.

When we work on a shared computer, it becomes quite crucial to hide our private pictures, documents, and audios. And, the most convenient way to do this is through the best file and folder lock software. For that, Free Hide Folder is an application that allows you to hide or protect your personal data, files with a password.

You just need to choose the list of files that you want to hide then you need to click on the Hide option and here you go. All your selected files folder lock for laptop windows 10 free password protected now. Yes, you can lock the confidential information stored on your computer without using a File lock software.

Just follow these instructions. Smartphones and computer systems are a reservoir of tons of data including both important and not so important ones, including private and confidential data. Ensuring multi-layer safety and security of your data is highly essential in this technical era. A file lock software for windows serves the purpose in such scenarios and encrypts and password-protect your data.

All the above software mentioned in our list of best folder lock software are known for offering robust password-protection.

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