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Tape Delay simulates the sound of vintage tape echo machines. It can run at a free rate or can be synchronized with the project tempo. The effect is equipped with a highpass and lowpass filter in the feedback loop, making it easy to create authentic dub echo effects.

Tape Delay also includes an LFO for delay time modulation. This can be used to produce chorus effects, even on long delays. Tempo Sync button: Synchronize delay repeats with the project tempo including tempo changes. The current tempo is shown in the field below the button. Set note values with the Note pop-up menu or Delay Time knob. Delay Time knob and field: Set the delay time in milliseconds. Notes and dots are displayed around the Delay Time knob when synchronized with the project tempo.

Click these buttons or dots or rotate the knob to choose an exact synchronization value. Note: Clicking note or dot values resets the Deviation parameter value. Choose a value from the Note pop-up menu to retain the current Deviation value. Smoothing slider and field: Even out the LFO and flutter effect. See LFO and Flutter parameters. Clip Threshold knob: Set the level of the distorted tape saturation signal. Higher values produce no additional audible distortion. Lower values result in an aggressive distortion.

This behavior is influenced by high Feedback values which result in eventual distortion, irrespective of the Clip Threshold value. That said, aggressive distortion and signal breakup are achieved far more rapidly when a low Clip Threshold level is used. Spread knob and field: Set the width of the effect signal in stereo instances. This parameter is not available in mono instances.

This affects the behavior of other parameters, such as Flutter and Feedback. The filters are located in the feedback circuit, which means that the filtering effect increases in intensity with each delay repeat. If you want an increasingly muddy and confused tone, move the High Cut slider toward the left. For ever thinner echoes, move the Low Cut slider toward the right. A value of 0 turns off delay modulation.

Feedback knob: Set the amount of delayed and filtered signal that is routed back to the input. Set to the lowest possible value to generate a single echo. The levels of the original signal and taps echo repeats tend to accumulate and may cause distortion. Use the Character parameters to change the color of these overdriven signals. Tape Delay parameters Tempo Sync button: Synchronize delay repeats with the project tempo including tempo changes.



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Apr 05,  · Logic Pro X Audio Recording Lag. Hi guys, So i just bought Logic Pro X and i have the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. I tried recording for the first time today and there is HUGE lag when i am actuallly recording audio, it is not a latency issue like most people are experiencing with a delay in the monitors. Its the actual recording that is laging. Copy staffs or voices in the Staff Style window in Logic Pro. Copy staff styles between projects. Delete staff styles. Assign notes to voices and staffs. Display polyphonic parts on separate staffs. Change the staff assignment of score symbols. Beam notes across staffs. Use mapped staff styles for drum notation. Apr 23,  · Instead of using “external MIDI instrument” track, create a new instrument track 2. Select the “external instrument plugin”, select Tempest 3. Turn on low latency mode 4. Turn down channel in logic and monitor on your interface (I’m using Apollo Console) This worked like a charm and allowed me to play and record pads with no latency.


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