RAMDAYS is firm of litigators that are trained through experience in providing exemplary services to its clients in handling briefs for litigation on a case to case basis. We take pride in stating that our rate of success in court remains one of the highest amongst the legal community in Pakistan. Our mentors were known as stellar lawyers whose training has helped us assist every valuable client in the most satisfactory manner. We represent our clients in the Supreme Court and all other courts of the country besides appearing and assisitng international litigators before arbitrations forums outside Pakistan.


We continue to represent our clients in Pakistan on matters that are covered under The Arbitration Act of 1940 for disputes within the domain of contractual, financial, statuory and regulatory laws. The arbitrations being conducted by our Chambers invovle high profile matters;

Mr. Mustafa Ramday has remained associated with and involved in some of the most high profile arbitrations that include mining, power sector and financial disputes involving multiple international exploration companies before LCIA as well as ICC. He has remained actively involved in seeking injunctions before arbitration from the courts of England. Mr. Ramday has worked actively with leading lawyers of Singapore before forums such as SIAC. He has also appeared in DIFC for monetary disputes; and

Our Senior Partner, Mr. Khalil Ramday regulalry sits as an arbitrator for public as well as private sector organisation to preside disputes related to arbitration. He has been jointly appointed by multiple companies and individuals because of his experience, expertise and integrity.


Our banking practice revolves a lot around assisting almost all banking and non banking financial institutions of Pakistan and in certain cases international banks based outside of Pakistan in recovering their debt through conventional and non conventional channles. We have, till date, utilised certain novel tools to help debt recovery by invoking the criminal laws of Paksitan, per se, National Accountability Bureau Ordinance, Federal Investigation Agency Act, Anti Corruption Establishment and Banking Ombudsperson besides criminal complaints; and

We are also regularly retained by clients against financial institutions. We have helped our corporate and individual clients settle matters amicably through intervention of courts and at times outside court.

Civil & Commercial

Litigation is an area of practice where the litigators from this chamber have thrived. Our every day appearances for clients starting from the courts of plenary jurisdiction to appellate courts give us an edge over others. We are very well suited for matters that are covered under personal injury & claims, specific performance of contracts, financial disputes & obligations, civil frauds & siphoning of funds, declarations and mandatory injunctions, restitution, marriages & custody including cross border custodial proceedings for minors, enforcements of claims, civil revisions & appelas, inheritance & structuring, real estate disputes of title & possession, fulfilments of rights and also force majeure, temporary injunctions, etc. for a wide variety of clients;

Mr. Mustafa Ramday & Mr. Yawar Ali Khan have the privilege of being the preferred counsel for many law firms based out of England, Europe, Americas, Middle East and South Asia for referring their clients and their cases to be handled in Pakistan. Legal 500 law firms & international consultants engage their services regularly; and

Our dedicated team of litigators assist Pakistani diaspora from abroad in their civil and commercial cases. We hold the privilege of many reported and also umpteen umpteen un reported judgments in civil and commercial matters.

Constitutional Petitions

Chaudhry Muhammad Farooq who remained the Attorney General for Pakistan, Mr. Raza Farooq who was the Advocate General for Punjab, Mr. Khalil Ramday as the Advocate General for Punjab, Mr. Yawar Ali as the longest serving provincial & federal law officer and Mr. Mustafa Ramday as the officiating Advocate General for Punjab, independent counsel for the Province of Punjab and its Chief Minister and now as a private litigator have, collectively, given this Chamber the most extensive experience, historical perspective and success in matters of every day constitutional petitions as well as in the most high profile of constitutional moots before the High Courts and the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The cases of constitutional law, enforcements of fundamental rights and public importance has become our hallmark. We have challenged military take overs, electoral reforms, appointment of judges, cases of mega corruption such as rental power or LNG or Panamagate, challenges to public sector infrastructure & development projects such as orange line metro train, right to information & intrigue such as Memogate, defending dissolution of assemblies by a presidential order and at the same time we represent, on a daily basis, aggreived persons to right administrative wrongs in their favour on a daily basis; and commercial entities, corporate concerns and industrial organizations retain our services on a highly frequent basis to file constitutional petitions in the high courts across Pakistan when desirous of seeking judicial review of administrative actions.

This Chamber has, to its credit, reported judgments in development of constitutional law and its jurisprudence which is an honour that remains unparalleled. The litigators and judges produced by this Chamber have earned this distinction through sheer commitment to dispensation and administration of justice.


Mr. Mustafa Ramday has presided over CPEC implementation baords and sat on almost all committees as the exclusive lawyer on behalf of the Government of Punjab and its Chief Minister to translate CPEC projects as funded by the Peoples Republic of China for Pakistan and specially Punjab.  We are probably the only law firm with extensive know how of CPEC investments/projects. Mr Mustafa Ramday has accompanied and assisted the Chief Minister and his cabinet on legislation and legal matters relating to CPEC.

Consumer Complaints

RAMDAYS team of litigators represents manufacturers and service providers on a regular basis for defending complaints before the consumer courts including their appellate work. We have successfully represented and defended most of our clients till date with reported judgments as cases of first impression.

Criminal Practice

We have a thriving practice in the field of criminal law. We have gradually moved from conventional criminal law matters such as murder trials, bails, murder references to white collar crime issues such as those relating to commercial entities and or personnel.

We work in disciplines of Accountability laws, their trials and bails applications for individulas to matters that are covered under the federal investigation agency’s domain. We have represented bankers, corporate employees, politically exposed persons including the former Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers. At present, our regular engagement is with companies from sectors such as telecommunications, power, etc.

We are the only law firm to have recovered millions of dollars siphoned from Pakistani banks and parked in safe havens outside Pakistan.


We act for corporate citizens and some high profile clients who have sued or have been sued for matters covered under defamation laws for damages in Pakistan and also in England. In one high profile case we have won a matter between two very well known politicians. At present we stand engaged where we have sued the incumbernt Prime Minister of Pakistan on behalf of the present leader of the opposition.

Intellectual Property

We work with our clients for securing their trade names and trade marks in Pakistan with the registrar of trade marks in all classes. At the same time we represent many manufacturers and service providers before the intellectual property forums to agitate and defend infringments.

We have also utilised other tools such as the criminal laws of Pakistan to stop passing off and trade mark infrigements for multinational and local clients.

Labour Laws

Mr. Yawar Ali Khan and later on Mr. Mustafa Ramday started their practice with labour disputes and matters between employers and trade unions. They have extensive experience before NIRC and labour courts.

Mr. Mustafa Ramday has successfully challenged registrations of Collective Bargaining Agents and also defended other CBAs such as the Pakistan airline pilots association of Pakistan for claiming their due rights. Banks retain their services on a frequent basis. Mr. Mustafa Ramday has worked in the International Labour Organisation in Geneva.

Sports Law

Mr. Mustafa Ramday has successfully represented various Sports Federations of Pakistan as well as international players involving local and international disputes and has, amongst others, procured favourable orders from the international Olympics Appellate Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Mr. Mustafa Ramday, whilst acting as the Advocate General for Punjab, assisted the government by drafting tax statutes, levying of taxes and then defending them successfully. Now, as a private litigator, he is regularly retained by commercial entities and also individuals to challenge levy of municipal, provincial and federal taxes, duties and surcharges. He has many reported and unreported judgments to his credit. We have a dedicated team of litigators who are tax focused to ensure client satisfaction.